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Key Solar Topics From our Solarpedia


Going Solar

So many people don't fully understand solar before they jump in. If this is you, I think this may help. After reading through this section, you'll understand solar much better and you'll feel like you've done at least done some homework.

I've got more subjects below and blogs on key topics that dig a little deeper, or I can answer questions via email.

There’s over 6000 panels on the CEC approved list, with every solar retailer claiming to be supply only the best ones. This will help you sift through all of them to find one that suits you.

The solar inverter is the heart of the solar power system and the only component in your system you'll interact with. Here we look at three different types of inverters and go through the key points of each.

Batteries are everyone's favourite solar subject. There's a few key things you need to know before adding batteries, which are essential to getting the right one and not overestimating your ROI.

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